Unholy rage

A rant about Israel / Palestine and their respective rageposters shitting up my Facebook stream:

1. First of all, everyone stop firing anything at anyone! Fighting for peace makes about as much sense as fucking for virginity.

2. What’s with the fucked-up memes/image macros? Those of you churning them out or reposting them should stop and ask yourselves whether your contribution is really helping to promote peace and mutual understanding or if it is merely adding fuel to the fire/creating a frenzied hatred or suspicion of the other/or just plain old-fashioned blinkered propaganda. It would be wonderful if this conflict could be resolved via Photoshop, because then I would own all your asses with ridiculously cute pictures of my daughter telling you all to CHILL THE FUCK OUT! (see below)

Could a greater miracle take place than for us to look through each other's eyes for an instant?

3. Yes we know you stand in solidarity with one side or another, and you have friends/families/loved ones/or some other absolutely valid emotive reason for being afraid/anxious/angry/and many other a-words to describe your situation. My appeal to you is to make an effort to see that there are other people with similar feelings to your own on the ‘other side’, also clutching on to a pain carried from past or current injustices and also worried about what lies ahead.4. Often when people say ‘The Israelis’ and/or ‘The Palestinians’ they are probably painting big blotches of black and white over an elaborate canvas that’s a thousand shades of grey. If you wish to deal in absolutes, play a game of chess, my daughter does a pretty mean en passant.

5. Check in with your humanity from time to time, see if it’s still there, and make sure that you apply your definition of humanity to the ‘other’. Warning: this may make it harder to click the repost button when the next rage-inducing, capillary-popping photo bomb explodes in your inbox, but several of your friends’ Facebook streams will thank you for it.

6. This is not some coercive effort to gloss over gross injustices or suggest that there is some perfect equivalence between both sides. Nor is it intended to undermine the very real pain and suffering that is going on and the Rather, this is an appeal for empathy. I’m seeing too much hate-filled, mono-lensed, propagandist, conspiracist nonsense that can only serve to foster greater misunderstanding and make matters worse. There is catharsis in rage-posting, I get it. But the voice of reason is easily drowned out amidst the rising tide of mutually cacophonic vitriol and vituperation.

7. May this conflict end as soon as possible, may peace one day truly reign and may the only conflict worth fighting for (non-violently) be about who makes the best falafel (clearly it is Devorah’s Falafel in Pardes Chana! Fuck, if everyone just ate Devorah’s falafel everyone would be too physically, emotionally and spiritually satisfied to worry about anything, except maybe who does the best hummus).

8. Now I’m fucking hungry…

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