Human error

This video is worth watching through. It’s a heartfelt statement against nuclear power in a country that has experienced some of the worst effects of our obsession with splitting atoms. Interesting particularly as a political statement being expressed through the form of a live concert.

I don’t know, I guess I have a thing for political music.

The Fukushima disaster has certainly provoked a massive global debate about the safety of nuclear power and the alternatives. When I wrote about the subject in the special issue of New Internationalist on nuclear power, I got the sense from many people I spoke with that the legacy of Chernobyl was starting to fade and that the nuclear industry was starting to enjoy a resurgence, especially as concerns about climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions have come to the fore.

Now, sadly, we have a more recent disaster to focus the mind on the dire consequences of going down the nuclear path. Recently, it has emerged that during the peak of the crisis, authorities were even considering evacuating Tokyo even as they were trying to reassure the public and do damage control. Crazy.

Read Greenpeace’s latest report Lessons from Fukushima for more info.

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